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Industry Sectors

Businesses across many industries are increasingly faced with the challenge of maintaining regulatory compliance under the latest employment regulations, which can be expensive, time consuming and resource intensive.

Our Employment Screening Software combines a wealth of workflow features and functionality for companies that manage their employment and pre-employment screening teams in-house. As different industries often have their own unique screening requirements, the application has been built with this in mind, and can be quickly tailored to meet specific conditions.


Companies in the Security Industry that employ staff in an environment where the safety of people, property or goods is required, need their  employees to be vetted to BS7858.

Our Employment Screening Software has been specifically designed to assist Security Firms with their security screening task list and includes the workflow and and audit trail to achieve this. A customised version of the software is used by the National Security Screening Agency for their BS7858 screening.


Both UK and foreign employees working in healthcare need to be thoroughly vetted. Where healthcare institutions have an in-house screening team that need to perform sector-specific checks such as GMC or NMC. Our Employment Screening Software workflow and audit trail can be quickly tailired to your specification.


Utility and Energy companies that run an in-house screening team to ensure their staff responsibly manage infrastructure and conduct themselves appropriately can use Veriteq HR Screening to manage their screening workflow and process employment checks such as;

  • Employment history checks
  • Professional and academic referencing checks
  • Identity checks and address validation
  • Credit checks
  • Right to work validation
  • PEP

Financial Services

Veriteq HR Screening’s workflow and comprehensive audit trails help Financial Services firms maintain an efficient approach to the complexity of due diligence and AML compliance with the in-built ability to run checks on people and companies including;

  • Criminal Record Disclosure Checks (DBS)
  • Financial probity / credit checks
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) checks
  • Sanctions lists checks

The workflow engine and audit trails can be tailored to your firm’s specific compliance requirements enabling your in-house screening team to complete their KYC and AML tasks thoroughly and efficiently.


The insurance industry uses the workflow and audit trail capabilities of our Employment Screening Software to manage the substantial set of background checks required to protect both their integrity and adhere to the many aspects of FCA regulatory compliance, including;

  • Identity verification
  • Current address
  • Credit check
  • Right to work
  • Employment activity
  • Criminal records (DBS)
  • Health referal
  • Sanctions & PEP

Seamless integration with Veriteq HR Screening provides automated returns drawn from multiple data sources from commercial data suppliers.

Public Sector

Employee integrity within the Public Sector and Education is particularly important given the adverse publicity that could arise, and considerable time and resources can be spent often across disparate systems or using manual processes prone to error. The workflow, digital document vaults and secure applicant portal improves efficiency and response time by eliminating paper-based or manual data input and provides a full audit trail on documents and background checks undertaken.


With the vast number of employees, contractors and part-time workers, managing pre-employment background checks can be resource intensive or expensive if outsourced. Our Employment Screening Software allows the HR departments of large retailers to run their own screening teams with a customised workflow that will streamline and digitize paper-based / manual processes, and deliver real-time results on automated checks.

Travel & Hospitality

Pre-employment screening in the UK Travel and Hospitality sectors can be particularly challenging due to the wide range of roles, many of which may be undertaken by overseas workers. The workflow and audit trails of Veriteq HR Screening aid large companies maintain regulatory compliance and instantly process automated background checks, Disclosure and Barring Service checks, address validation and right to work checks, to name but a few.

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