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Why Veriteq HR Screening.

Ready-To-Go or Bespoke

Available in two versions; A ready to use off-the-shelf solution which can still be fully branded and integrated with third part applications or we can develop a fully bespoke solution specified and built to your exact requirements.

Three Integrated Portals

Our Employment Screening Software has three integrated web portals to separate functional use for Divisional Managers, Screening Staff and Applicants. With security being of ever increasing importance, especially within the framework of the latest GDPR requirements, Veriteq HR Screening now comes with even higher security features including 2-factor authentication and location-specific access controls.

The Workflow Process

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A job is created, the screening criteria
selected, and the candidate(s) are added
to the system.

Screening team is notified that the candidate
has completed their information online and
all necessary tasks are generated. Screening
can now begin

Candidate is contacted to provide any
missing information and documentation.
Tasks are updated and notes logged.

Candidate receives an email to create an
online account and is guided through
entering the information required to process
their application.

External background checks are actioned
(Consumer Information Search, DBS etc) and
reference requests are issued.

Screening team uses tasks workflow to
manage workload, add information and
documents received, monitor what’s
outstanding and complete checks.

Final report issued by the screening team
upon completion; notification is sent, and
the report is automatically made available
in the Manager Portal for review.


Divisional Portal

The Divisional Portal enables managers outside of screening team to add, monitor and modify screening checks. Responsive design ensures managers can keep track of ongoing work on mobile, tablet or desktop. The Divisional Portal can be configured to only be accessible within the organisation and only accept connections from dedicated IP addresses

Divisional Portal - Employment Screening Software
Back-office Portal - Employment Screening Software

Back-Office Portal

The Back-Office Portal enables the screening team to manage and process all aspects of screening. Standard Users will only be able to see the applicants and tasks for which they are responsible, whilst Manager/Team Leader Users will be able to see all applicants and tasks assigned to any screening team member, to allow for easy management of the team. The back-office portal can be configured to only be accessible within the organisation and only accept connections from dedicated IP addresses

Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal enables applicants to log in and submit their information & documentation required for screening in a secure environment using 2-factor authentication. Responsive design allows applicants to attend to their tasks on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Applicant Portal - Employment Screening Software

Find out first hand how Veriteq HR Screening will increase your productivity and reduce time and costs associated with running your candidate screening process. Just provide your name and preferred contact method and we will get back to you to schedule a personal demonstration.

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