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About Veriteq

A result of over fifteen years building bespoke solutions for companies involved in Background Verification, Employment Screening, Insurance and Tenant Vetting, our applications are powerful, fully workflow driven, secure cloud based applications built for companies that employ their own screening teams in-house.

In 2002 we started in the tenant referencing market producing systems for 3 of the top 5 providers and in 2010 we entered the HR screening market. Today we are expanding our portfolio of services to include customisable API solutions for companies, along with applications for Employment Screening and KYC.

A partner of choice for companies seeking innovative, reliable Verification Solutions, we utilise our technical knowledge along with our deep understanding of industry processes, to build solutions that work the way you need them to, not the other way around. We believe in simple, functional, no-nonsense approach and over 91% of our customers have come back to us to support their business growth, from small start-ups to large organisations.

Key People

Mark Ker-Lindsay
Managing Director

Mark founded the company in 2005 having identified a gap in the market for a tenant referencing solution. This philosophy has continued throughout the growth of the company, remaining at its core today, and over the ensuing years the portfolio of solutions has been expanded to other industries which can benefit from robust screening and verification solutions.

With over 20 years experience in the field as a Solutions Architect, and Technology Specialist, and with a deep understanding of client needs within the industry Mark drives the technical innovation and  strategic direction of the company.

Victoria Hotchkin
Compliance Director

Victoria began her career as a lawyer, specialising in commercial litigation and property law and joined HomeLet in 2000 as Legal Director. She held legal, compliance and change management positions before being appointed Managing Director of Letsure upon its acquisition into the HomeLet group.

In 2008 Victoria was approached by Cullum Capital Ventures and invited to head up the team to start a new tenant referencing and let property insurance intermediary, CCV Letting Agent Solutions. Victoria then took responsibility for the strategic planning and integration of the group’s let property divisions.

In 2010, Victoria joined the Board, her first assignment to create and manage Sanctis, a background screening service provider. In 2017 Victoria was responsible for expanding the business through the purchase of (NSSA) National Security Screening Agency of which she is Managing Director.

Dinesh Goziya
Head of Development

Dinesh has over 15 years development experience and joined in 2007 from Cybage Software Private Limited. A dedicated professional specializing in web and windows development, he is responsible for turning software concepts into software products.

Dinesh manages a dedicated team of developers who are all highly skilled professionals. Under his stewardship the team consistently delivers without any compromise on quality and his vast experience gained with several companies over the years, including Microsoft Corporation has ensured that he and his team can deliver cutting edge technology time after time.

Justin Pietroni
Marketing & Communications

Justin is an experienced all-rounder with over 15 years of operational experience having previously co-founded a Digital & Design agency with offices in Cyprus, UK and USA, and a unique careers portal for job seekers in the Investment Management sector. 

He has held roles ranging from operational and financial management to marketing to client services and product strategy, and has a keen interest in perfecting UI design of both software products and websites.

Veriteq is a trading name of Endatio Limited registered in England and Wales, Company Number 07254697. Endatio Limited is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for providing credit information services, Firm Reference Number 735353. Registered office 25 West Bank, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2LU.